Welcome! I'm Javier, co-founder and former CPO at Ontruck. Here I share my learnings on product, innovation and management.


Quality vs. time to build is a false dichotomy

One of the traditional battles between PM and PD is how much to implement of a particular feature. This dichotomy has one central false assumption: If you do less, it means you are releasing with less quality.


Principles for the development of a big project

We are in the middle of a refactor and redesign of one our products. To be more predictable, and reduce the risk, the squad is applying the following principles to the project. They won’t be new for many of you, but it’s healthy to remind them.


The Product process at Ontruck

We have developed a product process we follow on every new feature or project. We have iterated over this process for many months and it has been used by both senior and junior people.

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